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Monday, October 22, 2018

Saving Outlook 2016 e-mail as .Eml

Microsoft Outlook 2016 emails exist in Microsoft's proprietary .pst and .msg file formats.  While migrating Outlook 2016 email, you might want to convert your emails to .eml file format, an open specification file format (RFC-822) that is used by nearly every non-Microsoft email client and service, including Thunderbird and Gmail.

Microsoft Outlook 2016 has a limited ability to export email messages. It can save individual messages to Text (.txt), Outlook Template (.oft), Outlook Message Format (.msg), and the newer unicode Outlook Message Format (also .msg).

Screen image of Outlook 2016 "Save As" formats.
Outlook 2016 does not natively support e-mail to .EML export.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How to Convert Microsoft Outlook Email to .EML Files

Outlook to .EML

EML files are electronic email files that contain a single email message. It is a recognized email Internet Message Format email storage and archiving and is widely compatible with email client software. It was used in Microsoft Outlook Express, Thunderbird, and other email programs. EML files comply with published open industry standard RFC 5322.

Even though Microsoft's popular Outlook email client is able to display email messages saved in .eml format, there is no native capability to convert Outlook mails to .eml.

At Encryptomatic LLC, we have added this capability to our MessageExport add-in.  With MessageExport, you can save one email, or thousands of Outlook emails to .eml file format.

MessageExport integrates with the menu systems of Outlook 2016 through 2007.  It appears in the Outlook toolbar.

A screen shot of MessageExport add-in installed in Outlook 2016 with "Export to EML" selected.
MessageExport menu in Microsoft Outlook

To use MessageExport, first select the Outlook emails you want to convert to .eml format from the Outlook mail list.  A selected email will typically have a different background color, such as blue.

Next, select "Eml" from the MessageExport dropdown list, then click the the "Export" button."  MessageExport will convert all selected Outlook emails to .Eml format and save them in the location you specify.

Screen image showing dropbox as a select place for storing .eml files.
Select the location to store the .Eml files.

 MessageExport is a simple way to convert Outlook email to .EML file format. Try it free for 15 days. The cost of MessageExport us $79.99 for a single license, with discounts for quantiy purchases.  If you have any questions please post them below or use the live chat on this page to get an instant answer.