Monday, January 23, 2023

Save Outlook Emails as PDF Files Free, with MessageExport™ Add-in.

MessageExport™ is an add-in software product offered by Encryptomatic that allows users to export and convert email messages from Microsoft Outlook for Windows. MessageExport can be used to save email messages in many different file formats, including PDF, CSV, EML, MBOX, HTML, and MHT. It also allows users to automate the process of exporting and converting messages. With MessageExport, users can schedule exports,  and even export attachments. 

MessageExport is free to try for 15 days.  Following the free trial, MessageExport reverts to "Free Mode", which allows users to continue saving individual emails to PDF.  A purchased full version license enables MessageExport to save multiple emails, but if your needs are simple and you only need to convert an occasional email to PDF, then MessageExport in free mode will work nicely. 

Download the Free Trial and follow along.

After installing MessageExport, you will find the software integrated with the Microsoft Outlook menu bar.


Shows the location of the MessageExport email exporter toolbar in Microsoft Outlook 365.

Clicking on the toolbar tab will show you the MessageExport tools. 

To export an email, click on an email (or multiple emails) to highlight.  Then, choose the target export format from the MessageExport drop down list. You may want to choose "Export to PDF - attachments included."  This export profile will save your email to a PDF while also attempting to convert attached documents into the PDF.


Screen shot of MessageExport toolbar, showing the dropdown list from which a user may select from many different email target conversion formats. Highlighted is "PDF - Attachments included/converted"

Finally, click the blue Export button to being the export process. MessageExport will convert your Outlook email and file attachments into a nicely formatted PDF document.

MessageExport is a capable add-in for Outlook able to perform and automate email conversion tasks.  Learn more about MessageExport and download the 15 day free trial from the MessageExport home page.  Remember, after the trial finishes, leave MessageExport™ installed to benefit from the "free mode" individual email conversions.  No email data is ever sent outside of your Outlook client. All email processing occurs on your computer and is never sent to Encryptomatic LLC. 

If you have an questions, please post them below, or contact us by email or live chat.

Download the 15 Day Free Trial


Monday, January 16, 2023

MessageExport Add-on for Microsoft Outlook Transforms e-Mail Improves Office Worker Productivity


Enabling automatic e-Mail export, MessageExport performs tedious and redundant conversion tasks in single click, and easy customization make MessageExport a favorite tool set among legal and government industry workers.

Fargo, ND. (January 16, 2023)  Encrytomatic LLC today announced the availability of MessageExport, an add-on software package that enables Microsoft Outlook  365 users to export, convert, copy and share e-Mail content efficiently.

MessageExport integrates with Outlook 365's menu system to provide a seamless set of tools that improve the productivity of people who work with e-Mail content.

"Although the 'out of the box' capabilities meet the needs of most people, it's possible to design highly specific export operations in MesssageExport to automate the most complex e-Mail export operations. Our customers in the legal and government sectors make use of these capabilities," said Darren Leno, President of Encryptomatic LLC. 

Screen image of MessageExport drop down list, showing many different file types that emails may be converted to. The MessageExport add-in is shown embedded within the Outlook tool bar.

MessageExport excels at converting Outlook e-Mail to PDF. Special attention has been given to e-Mail file attachment processing, including extracting file attachments, converting them into the PDF document, embedding them as files inside the PDF, or ignoring them.

Incoming e-Mail can be converted individually, in bulk, or automatically to one of the many different file formats supported by MessageExport.

Export profiles are sets of instructions that users can create. They appear in the MessageExport toolbar in Outlook, and are quickly accessible. Each export profile can be tailored to the needs of the project, including:

- naming exported files according to a specific naming schema that can include email meta data
- optional removal of messages after export
- exporting recursive Outlook folders while preserving the folder structure during export
- exporting new e-Mail messages from specific Outlook folders on a regular time interval

Using MessageExport

After installing MessageExport, a toolbar appears in Microsoft Outlook containing the various export profiles. Users select the needed export profile from the list, then highlight the e-Mails they wish to export. When the "Export" button is clicked, MessageExport begins the operation, following the instructions contained in the profile.

Free Trial

MessageExport is available for a 15 day free trial. Following the trial, unregistered software reverts to a "free mode," allowing customers to export messages individually (but not in bulk). Following registration, all limits on export quantities are removed.

For more information, visit

Encryptomatic LLC is a developer of customer-centric Microsoft Office solutions that protect the privacy of our customers email communications. Our products are widely available through an international online distribution network.

Founded in 2005, we are based in Fargo, ND, central to thousands of freshwater lakes brimming with Walleye and Northern Pike, where we enjoy outdoor sports, clean air and short commutes.

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Saturday, January 7, 2023

Outlook Add-in: Exporting Outlook Email to .MSG Files

The MessageExport add-in for Microsoft Outlook can convert email messages to .msg format. You can download  a free 15 day trial of MessageExport and follow along with this article.

MessageExport add-in for Outlook product image

Outlook's ability to export email as individual .msg files is rather limited.  It is easily done from inside Outlook by just by grabbing one or several email messages from the mail list and then dragging them to your Windows desktop. This technique will potentially leave you with a batch of  disorganized .msg files on your desktop.  

A better way is to extract Outlook email to .msg files is to use the MessageExport add-in.  MessageExport's .msg files are fully compatible with Microsoft Outlook.

To export Outlook mail to .msg with MessageExport, first select the email messages in the mail list.  Control-A will select all emails, or you can hold down the Control button and select individual messages, or you can hold down the Shift button to select a range of messages.

Use MessageExport to save Outlook emails as .msg files.
Click Export to save Outlook emails to .msg files.

Next select "Export to MSG" from MessageExport's drop down list, and click the blue "Export" button.  That will begin your export process.

There is no limit to the number of messages you can export, but if you select several thousand messages, be prepared for a bit of of wait.  The time needed to export emails to .msg format will depend on the number of emails selected, and the time needed to download remotely hosted elements (such as pictures) from the web.

You also get the added advantage of being able to apply a specific naming structure to the .msg files. Thinking of a useful naming plan prior to export can allow you to better sort and manage your .msg files when viewing the directory.

By editing the MessageExport profile, you can specify how it should name the .msg files that it is creating.  There are dozens of pieces of information from the email that you can combine into a naming scheme that MessageExport will apply to newly created .msg files on future export operations.

Outlook .msg file naming plan
Apply a special naming structure to .msg files

If converting, saving or copying Outlook email messages is important to your job, you'll find MessageExport to be an invaluable tool that will automate repetitive chores and make you more efficient. Your free 15 day trial is followed by a 30 day money back guarantee. Join the thousands of people who have made MessageExport a partner in their workday productivity.