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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Free Outlook Email to PDF Converter. Try MessageExport Add-on.

Screen shot of MessageExport addin for Outlook 2016.
Free add-on software to convert Outlook email to PDF documents.

If you have ever attempted to convert a Microsoft Outlook email message into a PDF document, you quickly learned how difficult it can be.   PDF "printers" can save Outlook's print output as a PDF document, but they are unable to process the email file attachments, and generally don't perform very well.

Convert Outlook Email to PDF, Free!

MessageExport is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook that can convert e-mail to PDF and many other useful formats. Following a free 15 day trial of the full version of MessageExport, the software will function in a limited but still useful "free" mode.

MessageExport's Free mode will save any individually selected Outlook email message as a PDF document.  MessageExport can convert email attachments, and perform additional tasks, such as copying the converted file to a specific location.

Free mode is our gift to you for trying MessageExport. There is no obligation to purchase, and no pop up advertising or tracking. You can convert MessageExport from Free mode to the fully activated version by purchasing a license and activating the software.  Our hope is that following your free trial, you will continue to use MessageExport, and maybe someday in the future, you'll want to purchase the full license or tell others about it. After all, positive word of mouth advertising is the best kind. Until that day, we're happy to help you convert individual emails to PDF and any of the many other conversion formats that MessageExport supports.

Convert Outlook emails to PDF free!
MessageExport brings powerful email convesion capabilities to Outlook.

Using MessageExport in Free Mode

Thousands of people use MessageExport in free mode each day to convert email to PDF. Since MessageExport handles file attachments, it is a much better option for Outlook users than a PDF print driver.

While functioning in Free mode, just continue to use MessageExport in the same manner as the free trial.  The only difference is that when multiple emails are selected, just the first message will be converted.  This limitation is removed if the software is registered.  You can register MessageExport and convert it to the full version at any time.

To convert an Outlook email to PDF using MessageExport in Free mode:

1. Click on the email you want to convert
2. Select the target format from the dropdown list in the MessageExport toolbar in Outlook
3. Click "Export" and choose a destination folder.

You can convert Outlook to PDF, as well Gif, Tif, Bmp, Jpg, Png, Csv, Mbox, Docx, Odt, and other formats. 

We hope you find MessageExport, while operating in Free mode, to be a valuable tool that will enhance your experience with Microsoft Outlook.

If you have any questions or feedback about MessageExport, post them in the comments below, or contact the MessageExport support team.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Embedded E-Mail Processing: How to Convert Outlook Email With Email File Attachments to PDF?

MessageExport is a professional tool designed specifically for people who have important work to do with E-Mail.  It integrates tightly with Microsoft Office Outlook, enhancing the user experience with powerful new features designed to make their work life easier and more productive.

Today we released MessageExport 3.5, and we're excited about the new features it has.  One feature was requestd by several customers was to improve MessageExport's handling of .msg and .eml email file attachments (emails within emails).

In this release, we've improved how MessageExport handles E-Mail file attachments that are themselves E-Mails during the process of converting (or bulk converting)  E-Mails to PDF.

Say that you are working on a legal case, and you have just received a "smoking gun" E-Mail message as part of discovery.  This E-Mail that has a .MSG E-Mail file attached to it.  And inside that .MSG E-Mail attachment, is another E-Mail message, that contains yet another .MSG E-Mail file attachment.  And lets also say that each of these E-Mails contain other attachments, such as .jpg images.

If you are the lucky person who is responsible to convert this E-Mail message (which is actually four different nested E-Mails) into a PDF file, it may take you 30 minutes or longer to manually disassemble the entire E-Mail and attachments, re-organize them into a logical structure that preserves their context, and then convert them all into a single PDF file.

MessageExport software toolbar installed in Outlook 2013.
MessageExport 3.5 Exports E-Mails That Are Attachments Into PDF Files.

Or, you could just click on the main E-Mail message, choose "Export to PDF" from the MessageExport toolbar, and click "Export."  MessageExport will complete the entire E-Mail to PDF operation for you in less than a minute, including the processing of emails that are themselves forwarded email attachments.

MessageExport 3.5 also includes a re-vamped naming structure, which we call Breadcrumbs" for lack of a better term. Breadcrumbs help to orient the viewer to the content within the PDF.  For example, it may be important to know the order and the structure of the various E-Mails, otherwise how can you tell who sent which file to whom?

Embedded email processing is a powerful new feature for MessageExport. We hope it will help make you more efficient, and your work more delightful.

If you are already a MessageExport customer, you may be entitled to free upgrade.

If you have never tried MessageExport, take it for a 15 day spin. If it meets your needs, we'd love to have you as a customer. Click here to download a free trial of MessageExport.