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Monday, January 16, 2023

MessageExport Add-on for Microsoft Outlook Transforms e-Mail Improves Office Worker Productivity


Enabling automatic e-Mail export, MessageExport performs tedious and redundant conversion tasks in single click, and easy customization make MessageExport a favorite tool set among legal and government industry workers.

Fargo, ND. (January 16, 2023)  Encrytomatic LLC today announced the availability of MessageExport, an add-on software package that enables Microsoft Outlook  365 users to export, convert, copy and share e-Mail content efficiently.

MessageExport integrates with Outlook 365's menu system to provide a seamless set of tools that improve the productivity of people who work with e-Mail content.

"Although the 'out of the box' capabilities meet the needs of most people, it's possible to design highly specific export operations in MesssageExport to automate the most complex e-Mail export operations. Our customers in the legal and government sectors make use of these capabilities," said Darren Leno, President of Encryptomatic LLC. 

Screen image of MessageExport drop down list, showing many different file types that emails may be converted to. The MessageExport add-in is shown embedded within the Outlook tool bar.

MessageExport excels at converting Outlook e-Mail to PDF. Special attention has been given to e-Mail file attachment processing, including extracting file attachments, converting them into the PDF document, embedding them as files inside the PDF, or ignoring them.

Incoming e-Mail can be converted individually, in bulk, or automatically to one of the many different file formats supported by MessageExport.

Export profiles are sets of instructions that users can create. They appear in the MessageExport toolbar in Outlook, and are quickly accessible. Each export profile can be tailored to the needs of the project, including:

- naming exported files according to a specific naming schema that can include email meta data
- optional removal of messages after export
- exporting recursive Outlook folders while preserving the folder structure during export
- exporting new e-Mail messages from specific Outlook folders on a regular time interval

Using MessageExport

After installing MessageExport, a toolbar appears in Microsoft Outlook containing the various export profiles. Users select the needed export profile from the list, then highlight the e-Mails they wish to export. When the "Export" button is clicked, MessageExport begins the operation, following the instructions contained in the profile.

Free Trial

MessageExport is available for a 15 day free trial. Following the trial, unregistered software reverts to a "free mode," allowing customers to export messages individually (but not in bulk). Following registration, all limits on export quantities are removed.

For more information, visit

Encryptomatic LLC is a developer of customer-centric Microsoft Office solutions that protect the privacy of our customers email communications. Our products are widely available through an international online distribution network.

Founded in 2005, we are based in Fargo, ND, central to thousands of freshwater lakes brimming with Walleye and Northern Pike, where we enjoy outdoor sports, clean air and short commutes.

Encryptomatic and MessageExport are trademarks of Encryptomatic LLC
Microsoft and Outlook and Office are registered marks of Microsoft Corp.

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

MailDex 2023 Software Update is Now Available

MailDex 2023 email viewer/converter is now released. This update is recommended for all customers. It resolves several issues, and brings some new features that we think you'll find useful.

MailDex has been enhanced with additional export profiles that make it easy to bulk extract certain groups of file types from emails. These groups include video files,  Microsoft Office documents, emails that have been attached to emails, PDF files, spreadsheet file types,  documents, and presentation files.

Here's a practical example of how you might use this new feature: 

You are working on a case that requires analysis of all Microsoft Office documents contained in multiple OST and PST files. The files were exchanged by email between January and September of 2022.  MailDex lets you search beween that date range across multiple OST/PST files for any emails that have file attachments.  When you set is assembled, MailDex can now create a copy of all Office documents contained in those emails.

Sceen shot of MailDex' email export list, showing the addition of new functions that bulk extract file types from emails.

Screen image showing clusters of file types that MailDex can bulk extract from emails.

We think you'll find many useful cases for bulk extraction of particular file types from emails. Let us know how you are using this feature and how we can improve it in future releases.

Download MailDex 2023 free trial from the product home page.

If you have any questions, please post them below, or contact us directly.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Free Outlook Email to PDF Converter. Try MessageExport Add-on.

Screen shot of MessageExport addin for Outlook 2016.
Free add-on software to convert Outlook email to PDF documents.

If you have ever attempted to convert a Microsoft Outlook email message into a PDF document, you quickly learned how difficult it can be.   PDF "printers" can save Outlook's print output as a PDF document, but they are unable to process the email file attachments, and generally don't perform very well.

Convert Outlook Email to PDF, Free!

MessageExport is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook that can convert e-mail to PDF and many other useful formats. Following a free 15 day trial of the full version of MessageExport, the software will function in a limited but still useful "free" mode.

MessageExport's Free mode will save any individually selected Outlook email message as a PDF document.  MessageExport can convert email attachments, and perform additional tasks, such as copying the converted file to a specific location.

Free mode is our gift to you for trying MessageExport. There is no obligation to purchase, and no pop up advertising or tracking. You can convert MessageExport from Free mode to the fully activated version by purchasing a license and activating the software.  Our hope is that following your free trial, you will continue to use MessageExport, and maybe someday in the future, you'll want to purchase the full license or tell others about it. After all, positive word of mouth advertising is the best kind. Until that day, we're happy to help you convert individual emails to PDF and any of the many other conversion formats that MessageExport supports.

Convert Outlook emails to PDF free!
MessageExport brings powerful email convesion capabilities to Outlook.

Using MessageExport in Free Mode

Thousands of people use MessageExport in free mode each day to convert email to PDF. Since MessageExport handles file attachments, it is a much better option for Outlook users than a PDF print driver.

While functioning in Free mode, just continue to use MessageExport in the same manner as the free trial.  The only difference is that when multiple emails are selected, just the first message will be converted.  This limitation is removed if the software is registered.  You can register MessageExport and convert it to the full version at any time.

To convert an Outlook email to PDF using MessageExport in Free mode:

1. Click on the email you want to convert
2. Select the target format from the dropdown list in the MessageExport toolbar in Outlook
3. Click "Export" and choose a destination folder.

You can convert Outlook to PDF, as well Gif, Tif, Bmp, Jpg, Png, Csv, Mbox, Docx, Odt, and other formats. 

We hope you find MessageExport, while operating in Free mode, to be a valuable tool that will enhance your experience with Microsoft Outlook.

If you have any questions or feedback about MessageExport, post them in the comments below, or contact the MessageExport support team.